Weekend Traffic Advisory

The following events may have a significant impact on the flow of traffic in the areas indicated:

Saturday, August 19, 2017

STONE STREET PEDESTRIAN MALL (Until November 30, 2017)
Manhattan: 1100 x 2200
Stone Street between Hanover Square and Broad Street
Mill Lane between Stone Street and South William Street (Pedestrian Street)
Closure: Same as location

LITTLE ITALY PEDESTRIAN MALL (Until September 10, 2017)
Manhattan: 1130 x 2200
Mulberry Street between Canal Street and Broome Street
Hester Street between Mott Street and Baxter Street
Closure: Same as location

SUMMER STREETS (Until August 19, 2017)
Manhattan: 0700 x 1300
Locations: Route:
Centre Street between Brooklyn Bridge exit and Reade Street / Lafayette Street
Lafayette Street between Reade Street / Centre Street and East 10th Street
Cooper Square between Astor Place and Fourth Avenue
Fourth Avenue between Astor Place and East 15th Street
Union Square East between East 15th Street and East 17th Street
Park Avenue South between East 17th Street and East 32nd Street
Park Avenue between East 32nd Street and East 72nd Street
(Including the viaduct between East 40th Street and East 46th Street)
East 72nd Street between Park Avenue and 5th Avenue
Rest Stops:
Centre Street between Reade Street/ Lafayette Street and Worth Street
Cleveland Place between Kenmare Street and Spring Street
Spring Street between Crosby Street and Mulberry Street
Kenmare Street between Lafayette Street and Mulberry Street
Broome Street between Lafayette Street and Crosby Street
Astor Place between Broadway and Fourth Avenue
8th Street between Broadway and Fourth Avenue
East 24th Street between Madison Avenue and Lexington Avenue
East 25th Street between Madison Avenue and Lexington Avenue
East 26th Street between Madison Avenue and Lexington Avenue
East 51st Street between Madison Avenue and Lexington Avenue
East 52nd Street between Madison Avenue and Lexington Avenue
East 53rd Street between Madison Avenue and Lexington Avenue
Closure: @ Discretion of NYPD

Manhattan: 1000 x 1800
6th Avenue between 42nd Street and 56th Street
Closure: Same as location

Manhattan: 1200 x 1800
West 135th Street between 5th Avenue and St Nicholas Avenue
Lenox Terrace Place between 135th Street and 134th Street Dead End
134th Street Dead End to Dead End East and West of Lenox Terrace Place
Closure: Same as location

Manhattan: 1200 x 1900
Hamilton Place between 142nd Street and 144th Street
143rd Street between Amsterdam Avenue and Hamilton Place
Closure: Same as location

Brooklyn: 1800 x 2000
Cortelyou Road between Coney Island Avenue and East 17th Street
Closure: Same as location

Brooklyn: 1700 x 2100
5th Avenue between Sterling Place and Dean Street
Closure: Same as location

Brooklyn: 1300 x 1700
Kingston Avenue between Eastern Parkway and St. John’s Place
Closure: Same as location

Brooklyn: 1200 x 1800
Tompkins Avenue between Gates Avenue and Halsey Street
Closure: Same as location

Queens: 1000 x 1800
Greenpoint Avenue between 42nd Street and 48th Street
46th Street between Queens Boulevard and Greenpoint Avenue
Closure: Same as location

Bronx: 1100 x 2000
East 186th Street between Arthur Avenue and Hughes Avenue
Closure: Same as location

Bronx: 1200 x 1800
204th Street between Bainbridge Avenue and Decatur Avenue
Closure: Same as location

FESTA DI SANTA ROSALIA (Until August 27, 2017)
Brooklyn: 1200 x 2300
18th Avenue between 67th Street and Bay Ridge Parkway
Closure: Same as location

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Manhattan: 1100 x 1800
37th Street between 5th Avenue and Park Avenue
38th Street between 5th Avenue and Park Avenue
Madison Avenue between 38th Street and 27th Street
27th Street between 5th Avenue and Park Avenue
Madison Avenue between 27th Street and 26th Street
26th Street between Madison Avenue and Park Avenue
Madison Avenue between 27th Street and 33rd Street
36th Street between 5th Avenue and Park Avenue
30th Street between 5th Avenue and Park Avenue
29th Street between 5th Avenue and Park Avenue
25th Street between Park Avenue and Madison Avenue
24th Street between Park Avenue and Madison Avenue
Closure: Same as location

Manhattan: 1000 x 1800
Broadway between 47th Street and 57th Street
Closure: Same as location

Manhattan: 1000 x 1800
3rd Avenue between 66th Street and 86th Street
Closure: Same as location

Brooklyn: 0900 x 1130
Kent Avenue between Clymer Street and N. 10th Street
Closure: Same as location

Bronx: 1200 x 1600
Grand Concourse Main Road between East 162nd Street and East 170th Street
Closure: Same as location


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Former Hasidic School Officials Indicted in Meal-Fraud Scheme, Feds Say

Former Hasidic School Officials Indicted in Meal-Fraud Scheme, Feds Say

Elozer Porges, 43, and Joel Lowy, 29, were indicted on wire and mail fraud charges, prosecutors said. 

Rikers Guard Facing 20 Years in Prison After Inmate Beating Conviction

Rikers Guard Facing 20 Years in Prison After Inmate Beating Conviction

Rodiny Calypso assaulted an inmate in a shower in 2014 and then tried to cover it up, prosecutors said.

NYPD Technology, Teamwork, and Training Help Officers Assist Suicidal Woman

L-R: PO McNab, Sgt. Hansen, PO Capursi, and PO Giuliano

On the afternoon of July 31st, Midtown South received a call from a distraught brother regarding his sister who had expressed suicidal thoughts. After a troublesome video call with his sister, the man believed she was contemplating ending her life while on the roof of a building close to Times Square. The concerned brother took screen shots of their video call and sent them to Sergeant Callahan. Sergeant Callahan analyzed the photos and identified the Staten Island ferry in the background. Once the correct location was established, he immediately contacted the 120 Precinct and requested Aviation conduct rooftop searches in that area.

Sergeant Chan, of the 120 Precinct, responded to Sergeant Callahan’s call and rapidly deployed multiple units to canvass the area with the information provided. Using his department cell phone, Sergeant Callahan sent the photos directly to several Staten Island sergeants. Upon receiving the photos, Sergeant Hansen conferred with Police Officers McNab and Giuliano. Together, they were able to identify a familiar building in the background and rush to the scene.

At the rooftop, Officers McNab and Giuliano found the woman in crisis sitting on the ledge with her feet dangling over the edge. Recognizing the immediate threat of physical harm to the subject, the officers requested backup from specialized units including the Hostage Negotiation Team and Emergency Service Unit perseonnel. With their recent Crisis Intervention Training (CIT) in mind, the officers engaged in tactical communication focused on slowing down the situation and gaining voluntary compliance. When Sergeant Hansen arrived on the scene, he carefully monitored their conversation and acted as support.

When the woman expressed fear of getting in trouble, the officers comforted her by throwing their handcuffs to the side and reassuring her that they were there to help. At this point, Sergeant Hansen interjected as a supervisor and promised her that her safety was their only concern. With this reassurance, Sergeant Hansen noticed the woman physically shift toward them and away from the ledge. During his recent Crisis Intervention Training (CIT), Sergeant Hansen learned how to read body language and de-escalate a person’s negative emotions in crisis situations.

“We focused on establishing a good rapport and engaging her in positive conversation. We spoke about her neighborhood and the things she enjoys. By focusing on positive things, we were able to get her to step down from the ledge,” said Sergeant Hansen.

The sergeant and officers helped her back from the ledge and the walked her down to the street where an ambulance was waiting. The woman was then transported by FDNY personnel to a nearby hospital.

If you are having thoughts of suicide, help is available. You have options and you are not alone. You can call the Life Line at 1-800-273-8255 or 911 for an emergency. You can also text “Talk” to the Crisis Text Line at 741-741.

If you know someone who might be in a crisis, you do not have to be an expert to help them. Get tips here: www.NYPDnews.com/TalkToMe

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Jilted Parents and Employees Seek Refunds from Unlicensed Camp Bed-Stuy

Jilted Parents and Employees Seek Refunds from Unlicensed Camp Bed-Stuy

At least two parents said they have been waiting more than a year to get the cash Andre Lewis owes them.

Births/Deaths Marriages

Jose Gonzalez, 70, July 22, 1947 - August 18, 2017, Long Island City, New York

Jose Gonzalez Arrangements under the direction of Thomas M. Quinn & Sons, Astoria, NY.

Fidel Maria Rodriguez, 80, May 14, 1937 - August 15, 2017, Brooklyn, New York

Fidel was born on May 14, 1937 and passed away on Tuesday, August 15, 2017.

Fidel was a resident of Brooklyn, New York at the time of passing.

Frank Gentilella, August 17, 2017, New York, New York

Frank passed away on Thursday, August 17, 2017.

Frank was a resident of New York, New York at the time of passing.

Funeral Service will be held at 10:00 am on Monday August 21, 2017, at the Vander Plaat Memorial Home, Paramus, NJ. Interment Madonna Cemetery, Fort Lee, NJ As an expression of sympathy, memorial contributions in Frank's memory may be made to The Lillian Booth Actors Home of The Actors Fund 155-175 West Hudson Avenue Englewood, NJ 07631.

Interment Madonna Cemetery, Fort...

Frank Van Buren, 75, November 13, 1941 - August 17, 2017, New York, New York

Frank Van Buren Arrangements under the direction of Walter B. Cooke Funeral Home, New York, NY.

Matthew E. Dolphin, 43, October 14, 1973 - August 11, 2017, New York, New York

Matthew E. Dolphin Arrangements under the direction of Walter B. Cooke Funeral Home, New York, NY.


DJ Snoopadelic AKA Snoop Dogg

DJ Snoopadelic AKA Snoop Dogg
Friday, August 18, 2017 at 11:30 PM

B.B. King Blues Club and Grill

237 W 42nd Street, New York, New York 10036 United States

Mega Summer Concert

Mega Summer Concert
Thursday, August 24, 2017 at 8:00 PM

Madison Square Garden

4 Pennsylvania Plaza, New York, New York 10001 United States

School/Class News

To INFINITY and Beyond

Grad Student David Engel was over the moon about his internship at NASA this past summer, which he secured through his work with the Magner Career Center. 


NASA’s John C. Stennis Space Center is located in Hancock County, Mississippi, on the banks of the Pearl River. It occupies nearly 14,000 acres and is surrounded by a 125,000-acre acoustical forested area called “the buffer zone,” meant to provide a layer of protection between the general public and the rocket blasts that occur like clockwork, testing the engineering miracles that launch human beings into outer space.

Beyond the trees lie unexpected sights. Aside from the multitude of laboratories, towering scaffolding, space shuttles, rockets, and the massive plumes of smoke emanating from them during testing, Stennis is a city onto itself. There is a barbershop, a gas station, an automotive repair shop, and a supermarket—all far enough apart from one another that one would need to drive to move around the facility. Stennis’s official visitor center, the INFINITY Science Center, is a state-of-the-art, mostly glass-and-metal learning environment and museum that overlooks the calm waters of a pond, and where David Engel, a graduate student in Brooklyn College’s Department of School Psychology, Counseling, and Leadership, has just spent 10 weeks this summer as an intern.

“I still have some trouble processing the fact that I really worked for NASA,” says Engel. He was a counselor at NASA’s Astro Camp, teaching second to 10th graders the fundamentals of the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), in the hopes of cultivating the next generation of astronauts and engineers.

“NASA gave me a particular kind of exposure in working with kids and helped me understand how children are much more concrete, tactile leaners than I previously believed.” Engel was responsible for leading classroom instruction, arts-and-craft/science projects, and field activities.

“I had the opportunity to help kids construct windsocks and stomp rockets, taught them about the four forces of flight and understanding of what keeps an airplane in the air,” he adds. “Although my area of study is education and not in the STEM fields, this experience enabled me to utilize my willingness to learn about things outside my comfort zone, improve my leadership skills, and reinforce my ability to build group dynamics.”

A Brooklyn native born to parents who are of Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jewish origin, Engel came to Brooklyn College after graduating from Baruch College in 2011 with a degree in industrial organizational psychology. He also spent some time working in real estate sales, honing his ability to build interpersonal connections, while attempting to discover his purpose. He believes he discovered his purpose here at the college, not only in the classroom, but also in his role as the career outreach liaison at the Magner Career Center, where he first learned about internship opportunities at NASA.

Outside of school, Engel is an active member and ambassador for Lime Connect – a not-for-profit organization focused on rebranding disability through achievement. They attract, prepare and connect highly accomplished university students and experienced professionals who happen to have disabilities for careers with the world’s leading corporations such as Facebook, Google, Goldman Sachs, among others.

“This organization has connected me with valuable resources and amazing people. I think it’s important to surround yourself with self-motivated people who support you and provide honest feedback, which is something that I’ve learned being part of this organization, in my work experiences, and in the school counseling program at Brooklyn College.”

In addition to working with the future generations of space travelers and astrophysicists, Engel also had the chance to learn about astronauts. He discovered that it could take about 45 minutes to put on a spacesuit and that astronauts exercise for about 2.5 hours a day. During his time at NASA, he was able to watch a rocket testing. He also had a conversation with Fred Wallace Haise, Jr., legendary Apollo 13 mission lunar module pilot astronaut, best known for the now ubiquitous phrase, “Houston, we have a problem.” His experiences on Apollo 13 were made into an Oscar-winning film starring Bill Paxton as Haise. Engel admits that when he first met Haise, he had no idea who he was.

“He was just walking through the halls and chatting with one of my colleagues about an event on aeronautics that he attended and I just joined the conversation, asking him how he enjoyed the event. My colleagues were a little shocked that I wasn’t asking about his space missions and such. It was really funny. [Haise] laughed about it.”

Engel is not Brooklyn College’s NASA only connection. At its 2011 Commencement Ceremony, the college presented Joel Levine ’64 with the Distinguished Alumnus Award. Levine is the senior research scientist in NASA’s Langley Research Center Science Directorate and also serves as chief scientist and principal investigator for the proposed ARES (Aerial Regional-scale Environmental Surveyor) Mars Airplane—a robotic, rocket-propelled aerial vehicle that NASA plans to use in a search of life on Mars.

“I was influenced by this outstanding institution and its very dedicated and excellent faculty,” Levine said at the 2011 graduation. “I first saw the planet Mars from on top of Ingersoll Hall. Little did I know that I would spend the next four decades involved in our nation’s program to explore the red planet.”

Like Levine, Engel wants to be the kind of change agent that inspires and opens doors to a myriad of possibilities, whether that is as a career counselor or as a recruiter for a company like Facebook or Google.

“I want to help other Brooklyn College students have the same experiences that I’ve had at NASA, which my employment with the Magner Center helps make possible” says Engel. “I want to be a leader in whatever I do. Working at NASA has helped me improve on my strengths and realize my ability to make a positive impact in students’ lives.”


Contact: Ernesto Mora | 212.662.9939 | emora@brooklyn.cuny.edu


Chancellor Milliken: “Educational institutions must adapt to the new challenges of the 21st century, to changing requirements for our students, to new funding stresses.”

Chancellor Milliken: “To remain an engine of mobility on a scale that can really make a difference in this restless giant of a city we live in, we have to change.”

Critical Elements of CUNY’s strategic plan to meet the challenges of today:

• Widen CUNY’s fundamental value of access, scaling up programs with the Department of Education, and enhancing our use of effective technology

• Institute and expand programs to significantly boost CUNY’s graduation rates

• Implement major expansion of programs giving graduates more workplace experience through internships and other learning initiatives

Prepared remarks for an address to City & State education forum delivered by Chancellor Milliken is available here.




Bronx Community College has announced it is taking steps immediately to remove the busts of Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson from the Hall of Fame for Great Americans on its campus.  This must occur without delay.  There are many great Americans, many of them New Yorkers, worthy of a place of honor in this hall; these two Confederate generals are not among them.

Hostos Celebrates Two Generations Summer Achievement Graduate

August 7th may have been an unseasonably gray and drizzly day, but all was bright and high-spirited in the Hostos’ Faculty Dining Room, where the 4th annual Two Generations Summer Achievement Ceremony was held. Student-parents, children, faculty, and staff members celebrated the conclusion of this year’s program.

Launched in 2014, the Two Generations program helps student-parents accelerate their higher education through one free Hostos summer course and free enrollment for up to two of their school-aged children in the Hostos’ College for Kids Summer Academy. 35 student-parents completed this year’s program—the largest number in the program’s history. Four student-parents completed their degrees via the program.

New York City Council Members Vanessa L. Gibson and Rafael Salamanca, Jr. attended the ceremony and added their congratulations to those of Hostos President David Gomez  and the Two Gens faculty and staff. Gibson stressed the city’s commitment to education, and urged the student-parents to “Continue aiming for stars. It is time for women—and women of color—to take their rightful place in society.” She highlighted the need for involvement in the current political scene:  “We need you like never before.”

Three cheers for this year’s Two Gens grads!

About Hostos Community College
Eugenio María de Hostos Community College is an educational agent for change that has been transforming and improving the quality of life in the South Bronx and neighboring communities for nearly half a century. Since 1968, Hostos has been a gateway to intellectual growth and socioeconomic mobility, as well as a point of departure for lifelong learning, success in professional careers, and transfer to advanced higher education programs.

Hostos offers 27 associate degree programs and two certificate programs that facilitate easy transfer to The City University of New York’s (CUNY) four-year colleges or baccalaureate studies at other institutions. The College has an award-winning Division of Continuing Education & Workforce Development that offers professional development courses and certificate-bearing workforce training programs. Hostos is part of CUNY, the nation’s leading urban public university, which serves more than 500,000 students at 24 colleges.


Fall Will Be Here Soon

Fall is coming soon to NYC.


Locker Room Sound Bites: Jets-Lions

Bowles, Hackenberg & Petty on How the Game Unfolded for the QBs & the Offense in the 16-6 Loss:

Locker Room Sound Bites: Jets-Lions

Bowles, Hackenberg & Petty on How the Game Unfolded for the QBs & the Offense in the 16-6 Loss:

Locker Room Sound Bites: Jets-Lions

Bowles, Hackenberg & Petty on How the Game Unfolded for the QBs & the Offense in the 16-6 Loss:

Montero turning corner by pounding strike zone

Rafael Montero stood in front of his locker dressed in a king-like robe and crown, the reward Mets players designate for the player of the game after wins.

Hackenberg Has Rough Ride in First Start

Second-Year Passer Completed 2-of-6 for 14 Yards in the First Half on Saturday


Weather Reports

Post Your Weather Report Or Picture

We welcome you to post your weather report or picture for the New York City area. As soon as you submit your story or picture it will automatically be posted to our website. No waiting for a human to approve your post!

The Single Guy Blog

My Dream Girl’s Baby Daddy Revealed

Well after a month of stalking my dream girl’s facebook page I finally found out who her baby daddy is. To get you up to speed I was shocked a while back to find out my dream girl was pregnant. I had never even seen her post anything about a man in her life. Well after a long wait she finally tagged her baby daddy to a post about the baby. I of course had to click on his name and check him out. And of course he is a low ranking military guy. Now don’t get me wrong I respect our military. But in this area most of the military guys are not the most upstanding people. And this guy is no different. So prediction-in a year or two my dream girl will be a single mother,left by her baby daddy when he got transfered or cheated on her with some other flavor of the week. But hey that is the life of a single guy-watching the hot girls fall for the cool guys that don’t deserve them and will treat them like crap.

My Dream Girl Is Pregnant

I was stalking around Facebook the other night checking out different posts by people like I do when I am bored. I checked out the Facebook page of a girl I have always had a huge crush on. This girl is beautiful. My total dream girl. What did I see? A post saying she was pregnant. That’s right my dream girl is pregnant. Now don’t get me wrong I always knew and know I would never have a chance with this girl. But what surprised me is that she never talks about a man in her life. She never posts pictures of her and a guy. And in fact I always thought maybe she was a lesbian because she always posted pictures of her and her hot model girlfriends. So now I am wondering who is the father? Is she dating someone and just not posting it? Even in the comments on her posts about being pregnant everyone just congratulates her. They never mention a boyfriend. Did she get pregnant by having a drunken one night stand? Did she intentionally get pregnant even though she says it was a surprise finding out she was pregnant? I mean no offense but there is so much birth control around if a girl gets pregnant she is either really stupid or wanted to get pregnant. And I have never considered this girl to be stupid. And who is the guy and what is he like? Is he some military guy from Fort Drum? Is he a professional? Is he unemployed? And does he ever know or care he is going to have a baby with this goddess? So many unanswered questions! One thing for sure,I will be checking out her page a lot to see if I can get an idea of exactly who this lucky guy is. This guy that knocked up my dream girl!

2017-And Still Single

Well we are almost a month into 2017-and I am still single. I wonder if Miss Right will find me this year. She seemed like she was in hiding during 2016. I mean I realize a lot of things happened in 2016 and she was probable busy. My Miss Right was probable busy helping Trump get elected President. Miss Right most likely was working with Obama to fight this Isis problem. Miss Right was obviously tied up helping my Cowboys win the NFC East. Oh and I am totally sure my Miss Right was completely taken up with helping to stop this whole Global Warming situation. But come on enough is enough….come on Miss Right…put all this dam community service aside and find me already!

Scam Girls

I never thought I would fall for it-but I did. You see there is a large group of girls on the internet that try to scam guys. They try to get them to send them money with the promises they want to meet but need some help to get by. I always have thought I was smart about all this. When I start talking to a girl off one of the dating websites I always try to look her up to make sure she is real. Well I started texting a girl yesterday off the Seekingarrangement website I have been on for about a year. We were texting back and forth. I searched her number on facebook and found her profile. Everything seemed legit. She said she wanted a long term arrangement with an older guy. We talked until about 5pm. Then she said she was trying to get money for her baby sitter and gas in the car and if I would send her some money. She even said she was sorry she was asking and would pay me back when she got paid next week. So I sent her $50 through Paypal. She said thank you so much. I said your welcome. And that was it. I texted her a few times after that and no response. I sent her a friend request on facebook and she blocked me. I had fallen for it. A scam girl had gotten me! The funny part about the whole thing is she could have gotten way more from me if she had kept talking to me and kept me going. I mean seriously $50 is not much,hell I spent more then that on lunch yesterday. But it’s just the point I got had. But you live and learn. But one thing is for sure-if your on seekingarrangement.com and start talking to a girl with lots of tatoos from Elmira Ny that calls herself Hannah,don’t send her money! You can thank me later for saving you money!

Women Are All About Looks-And I Can Prove It

I post personal ads on craigslist always hoping my future wife will finally read one of them. I never get any responses. So I decided to do a test. I posted 2 ads. One ad was basically true-it told my age,looks,that I was a computer geek and a nice guy that knew how to treat a woman. The title said “I’m the nice guy you have been looking for”. The second ad was a lie-I said I was buff with tattoos,looking for girls that could keep up with me and was a total bad boy. I even posted a fake photo of a guy with tats naked in front of the mirror. The title of the ad said “I’m The Bad Boy With Tats Your Parents Warned You About”. I got one response to the ad saying I was a nice guy-and the girl that responded was not even really serious about a relationship. The second ad got so many responses I could not tell you how many it has gotten as of right now. The last count was about 70 responses. I have even gone so far as to send some of the girls responding my number so I could text them and I could test them even more. One girl I have been texting this morning I told her everything bad. That I was on leave from the military for a while because I came in drunk. That my buddies call me yo yo because my rank goes up and down so much. I even told her I am horney and looking to hook up with a girl today-even though she was not free to meet today. Do you know what she said? “Well good luck I don’t want to get in your way,I will have you when I am free next week”. I mean really? If it was reversed a guy would have said so long lol And guys will respond to ads even placed by average girls. Guys don’t look just for the hot girls. But the girls they are all about the looks and attitude. The more buff you are and the worst attitude the more they want you. I guess that’s why my future wife hasn’t emailed me yet. The story of a single guy’s life.

Lindsay Marcella Blog


    It’s that time of year again when I’m starting to see “End of summer” sales and “Back to School” commercials everywhere, and no matter how much I love the summer, seeing this always remind me of my favorite […]

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Hey beauties! I wanted to share some of my favorite picks from the Nordstrom anniversary sale now that it’s open to everyone! Simply click on the image below and it will take you to that product on the Nordstrom site […]

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How is it already mid July?! Time is flying by, but I’ve been soaking up all the sunshine and summer adventures that I can while this amazing weather is around! When it comes to clothes that I gravitate towards buying […]

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Hi loves! Just wanted to share a quick OOTD for the 4th of July! I’m not much of a “red, white and blue” clothing kind of gal, but I love wearing all white and adding a pop of color in […]

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Happy Monday, beauties! I basically live in white overall shorts the entire summer because, like dresses, it doesn’t take much to put together an outfit with them! White pairs so well with so many different tops, but I really love […]

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It’s that time of year again when summer sales are happening, so I thought I’d do a roundup of my favorite pieces on sale! I did a little combo of my favorite clothes, shoes and home decor. Just hover over […]

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Another week, another jumpsuit! I live in them during summer. They’re so easy to dress up or dress down, take from day to night, and are the perfect answer to looking put together without having to put too much thought […]

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  Hi lovelies!! When summer rolls around, my inner girly girl comes out and I start buying all things floral and pink. I love the embroidered floral details on the front, the sheer material, and the ruffled details on the […]

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  “It was June, and the world smelled of roses. The sunshine was like powdered gold over the grassy hillside.” ―Maud Hart Lovelace It’s been a little while since I’ve posted on the blog, or on any social media for that […]

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  Dylan and I spent last weekend in Hudson, NY for a little getaway while our apartment search in the city was (still is) happening. We’ve been up there once before, and it’s one of my favorite places to visit […]

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Whats Really
News Blog

Ayden Activation Group-A Guerilla In Marketing

This month we give our thumbs up to a business you might never have heard of but probable have seen their promotions. This month we salute Ayden Activation Group.
Ayden Activation Group is based in St. Louis. Started 12 years ago,Ayden Activation Group is a leader in nontraditional marketing. With their staff and resources Ayden is able to create a marketing plan for most any company promotion.
Ayden hires both w-2 and 1099 staff. With over 60,000 staff members wordwide Ayden Activation Group is creating jobs in the United States economy and beyond.
Some past Ayden campaigns were for Applebees,Sprint,GE,MetroPCS and Mr. Clean.
Contact Ayden Activation Group for your next ad campagin or for your next job in the marketing field. Ayden Activation Group can be contacted through their website:


War Is Coming

People don’t want to admit it but war is coming between the U.S. and North Korea. North Korea is getting close to having a long range Nuclear missile that can hit the U.S. Americans don’t have the stomach for war but they need to get it and fast. If North Korea is allowed to get a missile that can strike our home land the party is over. The war is not going to be pretty. Lots of people in South Korea will die and so will American soldiers. But war is the only way to stop the mad man in the North. The left wing Liberals,liberal media and lots of gutless Americans think that we can talk to the leader of North Korea to get him to stop his Nuclear and missle programs. But that just won’t work. The more we talk the more he keeps building. He now has a million man army. Now to be honest-again something the Liberal media will not tell you-a lot of those million soldiers in the North are just teenagers. When the real fighting starts a lot of that million is going to run home to mommie. Right now the boys think they are cool in a uniform fighting for their country,but when the bullets and bombs fly the coolness will end and they will drop their arms and run. But there will still be soldiers that fight. The war will start shortly with an air campaign. Once our bombings of the North start then North Korea will start bombing South Korea. Then China will get in as well as Japan. If we are lucky the Russians might sit this one out. They have no real interest in that area of the world and they know they have their hands full in Syria. The war will be short but bloody. And President Trump will carry the blame,when he is actually doing what Presidents before him should have done. They should have stopped North Korea long ago before they were strong enough to give us a battle. But yes America war is coming-so get ready for it!

Why Obama Care Didn’t Work

President Trump is now in the process of repealing and replacing Obama Care. Everyone knows Obama Care didn’t work,even if they do not want to admit it. What a lot of people don’t know is why it didn’t work. It is very simple-Obama Care didn’t work because to many people were forced to buy insurance. The insurance industry is a business,and as a business they need to make a profit. Insurance companies rely on more people having insurance then actually use it. But when Obama Care mandated that everyone had to buy insurance people instantly wanted to use the insurance they purchased. Before,when people didn’t have insurance if they got a cold they stayed in bed,had chicken soup and recovered in a few days. Now with people being forced to buy insurance you can bet as soon as they even got the sniffles they went to the doctor. Before Obama Care people bought insurance for emergencies. The people who had insurance knew that some day they would need it for a major illness,but did not use it for the slightest ailment. The new health care plan that has been introduced does not have a mandate. If they keep that then this new health care law should do fine.

Hollywood Is Out Of Touch

After watching and listing to some of the actors and actresses in the past week talk about President Trump I now know that Hollywood is out of touch with main stream America. Hollywood just can not deal with the fact that their views do not reflect American values. What is worst is Hollywood can not deal with losing the election. Clinton did in deed win the popular vote. But what people don’t want to admit is Clinton won that popular vote by winning NYC and the LA/Hollywood areas. A lot of people live in these areas but their values are not the values of main stream America. Clinton did not win the working voters in Michigan or the farmers in the Midwest. She did not win the Southern voters in the bible belt. Clinton did not win the retired population in Florida. The protesters this past week are showing this generations true colors. A generation that has always gotten a trophy even if they finished last. A generation that has always gotten their own way-from Gay rights to Womens equal rights. A generation that has been able to work less because the government will give them a hand out to make ends meet. Well Hollywood and NYC better buckle their seat belts because the next four years and beyond are going to be a very bumpy ride. President Trump is in the White House and main stream America has taken back their country!

President Trump In 7 More Days

Well its been a long road but in just 7 more days we will have a new President. The last year and a half has been up and down. For a while I actually had my doubts if Trump could do it. But he did! And it is pretty obvious Clinton supporters thought for a long time that she would be the next President. Hotels in the Washinton DC area reported a huge number of cancellations because Clinton supporters had already made reservations planning to come to see their candidate take the Oath of Office. Now most hotels are booked back up again with Trump supporters. To get a room in the Washington DC area next week it will cost over $1,000 a night. Who knows what the next four years will be like. Maybe Trump will be a great President and maybe he won’t. I am certain of one thing however,the liberal media is going crazy trying to figure out what happened. They still will not admit that they were out of touch with main stream America. The liberal media thought what they believed was what America believed. Trump hit a nerve with Americans. When I say Americans I am not talking about people in NYC or LA. Those people do not reflect true Americans. True Americans think the government has gotten out of control,that there is to much interference in our lives and special interest groups like the Gaye and Lesbian groups have gotten way to much attention over the past 8 years. America took their country back and next week their leader will take control of a country wanting and needing a change. God Bless President Trump and God Bless the USA!