Stay Safe and Warm in the Winter Weather

Winter Weather Health & Safety Tips

Take steps to be safe during winter storms and extreme cold. Learn more about the weather advisory [HERE].

  • Stay indoors during the storm.
  • Dress for the weather:
    • Wear a hat, hood, or scarf, as most heat is lost through the head.
    • Wear layers, as they provide better insulation and warmth.
    • Keep fingertips, earlobes, and noses covered if you go outside.
    • Keep clothing dry; if a layer becomes wet, remove it.
  • Recognize the signs and symptoms of frostbite and hypothermia:
    • Hypothermia: symptoms include slurred speech, sluggishness, confusion, dizziness, shallow breathing, unusual behavior, and slow, irregular heartbeat.
    • Frostbite: symptoms include gray, white or yellow skin discoloration, numbness, and waxy feeling skin.

How to Help Others

  • Infants, seniors, and people with paralysis or neuropathy are at increased risk of hypothermia and frostbite. Check on friends, relatives, and neighbors who may need assistance to ensure they are adequately protected from the cold.
  • Community members that identify someone on the street they believe needs assistance should contact 311 and ask for the Mobile Outreach Response Team. The Department of Homeless Services will send an outreach team to the location to assess the individual’s condition and take appropriate action.
  • If you suspect a person is suffering from frostbite or hypothermia, bring him or her someplace warm and seek medical help immediately or call 911.
  • If medical help is unavailable, re-warm the person, starting at the core of their body. Warming arms and legs first can increase circulation of cold blood to the heart, which can lead to heart failure. Use a blanket, or if necessary, your own body heat to warm the person.
  • Do not give a person suffering frostbite or hypothermia alcohol or caffeine, both of which can worsen the condition. Instead, give the patient a cup of warm broth.

Safe Home Heating Tips

Improper use of portable heating equipment can lead to fire or dangerous levels of carbon monoxide. Take precautions to ensure you are heating your home safely.

Fire Safety Tips

  • Use only portable heating equipment that is approved for indoor use.
  • Keep combustible materials, including furniture, drapes, and carpeting at least three feet away from the heat source. NEVER drape clothes over a space heater to dry.
  • Always keep an eye on heating equipment. Never leave children alone in the room where a space heater is running. Turn it off when you are unable to closely monitor it.
  • Be careful not to overload electrical circuits.

Make sure you have a working smoke detector in every room. Check and change batteries often.

Carbon Monoxide Safety Tips

  • Install a carbon monoxide detector in your home and check it regularly to make sure the battery is working. NYC law requires owners to provide and install at least one approved carbon monoxide alarm within 15 feet of the primary entrance to each sleeping room.
    Learn more about NYC’s carbon monoxide detector law
  • Make sure your heating system is kept clean and properly vented; have worn or defective parts replaced.
  • Have your fireplace, chimney, and flue cleaned every year to remove soot deposits, leaves, etc.
  • Kerosene heaters are dangerous and illegal in New York City.
  • Don’t heat your home with a gas stove or oven.
  • Do not use any gas-powered appliance, such as a generator, indoors.
  • Never use a charcoal grill or a hibachi indoors.
  • Automobile exhaust contains carbon monoxide. Open your garage door before starting your car and do not leave the motor running in an enclosed area. Clear exhaust pipes before starting a car or truck after it snows.
  • The most common symptom of carbon monoxide poisoning is headache. However, symptoms may also include dizziness, chest pain, nausea, and vomiting. In severe cases, people can become increasingly irritable, agitated and confused, eventually becoming lethargic and lapsing into unconsciousness.
  • If you suspect carbon monoxide poisoning, call 911, and get the victim to fresh air immediately, and open windows.
    Learn more about carbon monoxide

For more information on how to properly and safely heat your home, please visit the FDNY’s website.

What to Do If You Lose Heat

Every resident is entitled to heat and hot water. Tenants without adequate heat or hot water should first speak with the building owner, manager, or superintendent. If the problem is not corrected, tenants should call 311. The Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) will attempt to contact your building’s owner to get heat or hot water service restored.

If service has not been restored, HPD will send an inspector to your building to verify the complaint and issue a violation. If your landlord does not live up to his or her legal obligation, HPD will call in emergency contractors to fix the boiler or do whatever is required to get your heat and hot water working again.

For more information about loss of heat or hot water, refer to the Department of Housing Preservation and Development’s frequently asked questions for tenants.

If you lose heat, take measures to trap existing warm air, and safely stay warm until heat returns:

  • Insulate your home as much as possible. Hang blankets over windows and doorways and stay in a well-insulated room while power is out.
  • Dress warmly. Wear hats, scarves, gloves, and layered clothing.
  • If you have a working fireplace, use it for heat and light, but be sure to keep the damper open for ventilation.
  • Open your faucets to a steady drip so pipes do not freeze.
  • Eat. Food provides your body with needed energy to produce its own heat and drinking helps your body avoid dehydration.
  • If the cold persists and your heat is not restored, call family, neighbors, or friends to see if you can stay with them.

If your service line, pipes or water meters freeze:

  • Open a faucet near the frozen point to release vapor from melting ice.
  • Direct a hair dryer or heat lamp at the frozen section, or put a small space heater nearby.
  • NEVER thaw a frozen pipe or meter with an open flame; this could lead to fire or cause a steam explosion.
  • If your meter is damaged or your pipes burst, call 311.
    Learn more about water supply disruptions

If you lose power, call your power provider immediately to report the outage.

  • Con Edison: 1-800-752-6633 (TTY: 1-800-642-2308)
  • National Grid: 718-643-4050 (TTY: 718-237-2857)
  • PSEG: 1-800-490-0025 (TTY: 631-755-6660)
    Learn more about power disruptions

If You Need Emergency Heating Assistance

The Human Resources Administration (HRA) administers the federal Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP), which provides low-income people with emergency heating assistance. Eligible residents will receive a payment for fuel delivery, or HRA will arrange for fuel delivery or boiler repair. Emergency assistance is given to those who qualify only once per heating season. Contact 311 for more information.

Pet Safety Tips

  • Booties provide even more coverage and can also prevent sand and salt from getting lodged between bare toes and causing irritation. Use pet-friendly ice melts whenever possible.
  • Like coolant, antifreeze is a lethal poison for dogs and cats. Be sure to thoroughly clean up any spills from your vehicle, and consider using products that contain propylene glycol rather than ethylene glycol.
  • Pets burn extra energy by trying to stay warm in wintertime. Feeding your pet a little bit more during the cold weather months can provide much-needed calories, and making sure she has plenty of water to drink will help keep her well-hydrated and her skin less dry.
  • Bring a towel on long walks to clean off stinging, irritated paws. After each walk, wash and dry your pet’s feet and stomach to remove ice, salt and chemicals—and check for cracks in paw pads or redness between the toes.
  • See more tips from the ASPCA [HERE].

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Neighborhood Policing leads to a Queens success

It was early Christmas morning when Antonia Martinez noticed that the wheelchair her daughter depends on for her everyday activities, was removed from the side if their residence. Wanting to shed light on this horrible act, Antonia made a police report. This is where Neighborhood Coordination Officers Scala and Leibold come into the story. After learning of the stolen wheelchair, they immediately teamed up with Detective Fischer, who was assigned the case, to assist any way they could. Both Officers hit the ground running and reached out to their community contacts. Within no time they were all sifting through surveillance footage from the area looking for the smallest bit of evidence.  After combing through hours of this video, they discovered they actually had the crime on tape.

“We knew how important this wheelchair was to Michele, so we had to do whatever we could and as fast as we could to ensure she wasn’t inconvenienced any longer.”

– Police Officer Tyler Scala

It wasn’t long before they received a tip from the community, someone had seen the chair.  They immediately went to investigate; the wheelchair had been located! Exactly where the good-Samaritan said it was. Very close to the chair were two people who resembled those seen taking the chair on the video. After speaking with the detectives, the suspects admitted to taking the wheelchair and were arrested. Officer Scala, Officer Leibold & Detective Fischer were excited to be able to return this much-needed wheelchair to Michele, allowing her and her mother to have closure to this terrible incident.

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New York City Achieves Record-Breaking Low Crime in 2018

1,245 Fewer
Incidents in 2018 versus 2017 Marking the Lowest Number of Index Crimes,
Murders, Robberies, Burglaries and Shootings in Modern Era

Brooklyn, New York – The City of
New York achieved record-setting reductions in several major crime categories
in 2018, setting new records for public safety and crime reduction in the
modern era. These achievements improve upon key reductions seen in 2017,
continuing to drive the records even lower. In 2018, overall crime is lower
than in 2017 and below a new benchmark of 97,000; murder was below 300 and
lower than in 2017, numbers not seen since the early 1950s; robberies were
below 13,000, lower than in 2017, a new record low for the modern era;
burglaries were below 12,000 and lower than in 2017; and shooting incidents
were again below 800 and lower than in 2017.   

“The skill
and dedication of the men and women of the NYPD are keeping New York City the
safest big city in America. With stronger bonds of trust with the community
created with neighborhood policing; a singular focus on violent crimes and
those who commit them; and ever stronger coordination with our law enforcement
partners, we can continue to drive crime down even lower in 2019,” said Police
Commissioner James P. O’Neill

“Our city is
yet again the safest big city in America thanks to the work our NYPD officers
and community leaders are doing block by block across our five boroughs,” said Mayor
Bill de Blasio
. “Neighborhood policing in New York City has defied the
naysayers to become the model for 21st century American law enforcement.”

Key highlights from 2018’s crime

  • Lowest number of index crimes in the modern era. There
    were 1,245 fewer incidents compared to 97,089 in 2017, or -1.3%.
  • Lowest number of homicides recorded in the modern
    era, 289 compared to 292 in 2017.
  • Robberies, burglaries, and grand larceny autos down
    when comparing 2018 versus 2017.
  • Felony assaults and grand larcenies were up less
    than half of a percentage point when comparing 2017 to 2018.
  • Shooting incidents were down 35 incidents, or 4.4%,
    when comparing 2017 to 2018.

Statistics on Index Crimes 2017 – 2018

Dec. 2018 Dec. 2017 Change +/- % Year-to-Date
Change +/- %
Murder 17 28 – 11 – 39.3% 289 292 – 3 -1.0%
Rape 132 135 – 3 -2.2% 1,795 1,467 + 328 +22.4%
Robbery 1,065 1,244 – 179 – 14.4% 12,909 13,993 – 1,084 – 7.7%
1,626 1,527 + 99 + 6.5% 20,192 20,162 + 30 – 0.1%
Burglary 969 1,032 – 63 – 6.1% 11,678 12,148 – 470 – 3.9%
3,815 3,753 + 62 + 1.7% 43,543 43,362 + 181 + 0.4%
G.L.A. 396 459 – 63 – 13.7% 5,438 5,665 – 227 – 4.0%
TOTAL 8,020 8,178 – 158 – 1.9% 95,844 97,089 – 1,245 – 1.3%
  Dec. 2018 Dec. 2017 Change +/- % Year-to-Date 2018 Year-to-Date 2017 Change +/- %
Transit 270 217 + 53 +24.4% 2,569 2,474 + 95 + 3.8%
Housing 387 386 + 1 + 0.3% 4,646 4,874 – 
– 4.7%
58 67 – 9 – 13.4% 754 789 – 35 – 4.4%

Note: All crime statistics are preliminary and subject to
further analysis, revisions, or change.

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NYPD Outlines Security Measures for New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve Traffic Map

New York, New York—The New York Police Department announced today security measures for the annual New Year’s Eve celebration in Times Square. Mayor Bill de Blasio and Police Commissioner James P. O’Neill were joined by other top officials at the announcement, which was held at NASDAQ. The New York Police Department continues to maintain a robust overlay of police officers to ensure the safety of the celebrators.

“The NYPD routinely does a great job of planning and securing large-scale events around New York City, ” Police Commissioner James P. O’Neill said. “Simply put, this is what we do — and New Year’s Eve, when the eyes of the world are on us, is certainly no exception. Nothing in our profession is done alone, however, and our members work hand-in-hand with our law-enforcement partners – including the FBI, the New York State Police, the MTA police, and many others – all throughout the year in preparation. This unrivaled collaboration allows us to carry out our shared mission of delivering the safest and most enjoyable event possible, up to and through the ball-drop in Times Square.”

“New Yorkers have much to be thankful for and celebrate this year,” said Mayor Bill de Blasio. “We’re on track to becoming yet again the safest big city in our nation thanks to the women and men in blue who defend and protect our city every day. Our officers are fostering connections with community leaders and neighborhood organizations to build on our neighborhood policing progress and make New York City not just safest, but fairest big city in America.”

As in years past, those attending the celebration in Times Square will be screened. Backpacks, large bags, umbrellas, and alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited. Property may not be left checkpoints. At approximately 11 a.m., attendees will be directed by police officers to gather in separate viewing pens. As the pens get populated, the entertainment from 43rd Street between Sixth and Eighth Avenues will continue to move north up to Central Park, due to the ball drop from the southern end. Please note, attendees who leave before the ball drops will not be able to regain entry to their original viewing area.

Beginning at 4 a.m. on Monday, December 31st, 2018, Times Square will be closed to vehicular traffic. People should avoid all cross-town streets from 34th to 59th Streets, as well as Sixth and Eighth Avenues. A traffic advisory with a comprehensive list of street closures is available on our website.

Mass transit is strongly encouraged due to expected heavy traffic delays and parking restrictions. Remember, large backpacks, lawn chairs, umbrellas and alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited. Anyone who sees suspicious activity should alert a police officer or call 911. The NYPD’s terrorism hotline is 888-NYC-SAFE.

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Homeless and “On the Job”

Police Officer Maritza Cahill, Peace Officer Elijah Pastures, Police Officer Gabriel Gomez,
Sergeant David Santos

Sometimes, those who help others also need help themselves. That’s the story for Elijah Pastures, who in October started the Department of Homeless Police Academy. 

During a conversation between Elijah and his company instructor, Police Officer Gabriel Gomez, about the reasons he joined the DHS academy, Elijah made a startling admission — he himself was homeless.

“I got to work and advised Sergeant Santos and other supervisors at the Department of Homeless Services and NYPD Homeless Outreach and Shelter Security Division. With the help of social workers and staff at the DHS, we were able to secure a DHS sponsored hotel room for Elijah to ensure his safety and privacy in time for the holidays,” said Officer Gomez.

Sergeant Santos and Officer Gomez continue to mentor Elijah and are still in awe of his perseverance and determination. Recently, both officers looked on as Elijah graduated from the Department of Homeless Academy. We wish him nothing but success in his future endeavors.

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Births/Deaths Marriages

Stevo Gorgievski, January 13, 2019, New York, New York

Mr. Gorgievski passed away on Sunday, January 13, 2019.

Mr. Gorgievski was a resident of New York, New York at the time of passing.

Emiliano Gonzalez, January 11, 2019, Jersey City, New Jersey

Emiliano passed away on Friday, January 11, 2019.

Emiliano was a resident of Jersey City, New Jersey at the time of passing.

Relatives and friends are invited to attend his funeral Mass on Saturday January 19, 2019 at 10:00 AM in St. Michael's RC Church 252 9th Street, Jersey City, NJ (please meet at Church).

Edgar Torres, 52, August 28, 1966 - January 4, 2019, Brooklyn, New York

Edgar was born on August 28, 1966 and passed away on Friday, January 4, 2019.

Edgar was a resident of Brooklyn, New York at the time of passing.

Louise Winslow, 93, September 2, 1925 - January 13, 2019, Woodside, New York

Louise was born on September 2, 1925 and passed away on Sunday, January 13, 2019.

Louise was a resident of Woodside, New York at the time of passing.

Antonia Luisa Brennan, 87, May 20, 1931 - January 14, 2019, New York, New York

Ms. Brennan was born on May 20, 1931 and passed away on Monday, January 14, 2019.

Ms. Brennan was a resident of New York, New York.


Central Park Tour: Heart of the Park

Date: January 26, 2019

Walk straight through the heart of Central Park on this east-to-west tour led by Central Park Conservancy Guides. Enjoy a great variety of the scenic, sculptural, and architectural elements the Park has to offer. Highlights of this tour include Conservatory Water, Loeb Boathouse, Bethesda Terrace, Bow Bridge, Cherry Hill, the Lake, and Strawberry Fields.


Meet: Samuel F. B. Morse statue (inside the Park at 72nd Street and Fifth Avenue). Tour ends at 72nd Street and Central Park West. Map of the start location
Terrain: A few inclines and some stairs.
Length of Tour: Approximately 90 minutes
Cost: Free. Space is limited; advance registration is suggested. No groups, please. Register online!

For weather cancellation and other ticket policies, please review our Tours Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Groups of seven or more must schedule a group tour three weeks in advance at tours@centralparknyc.org.

Start time: 2:00 pm

End time: 3:30 pm

Contact phone: (212) 310-6600

Location: Samuel F. B. Morse Statue (in Central Park)

Birding: Owls

Date: January 27, 2019

New York City is home to an amazing abundance of wildlife. Our Urban Park Rangers will guide you to the best wildlife viewing spots in the urban jungle

Be wise and join this Urban Park Ranger-led hike, as we look for this bird of prey.

Please note: Participants are selected by lottery. To register, please visit the Urban Park Rangers' registration page. Lottery registration begins on Wednesday, January 16. .

Start time: 1:00 pm

End time: 2:30 pm

Contact phone: (718) 319-7258

Location: Pelham Bay Park

School/Class News

Dee Dee Mozeleski named Executive Director of Combined Foundations at The City College of New York

Dee Dee Mozeleski named Executive Director of Combined Foundations at City College

City College President Vince Boudreau has asked Dee Dee Mozeleski to continue in her role as Executive Director of the Combined Foundations at CCNY on a permanent basis. Mozeleski has spent two years in this role as interim Executive Director, following four years in the Colin Powell School for Civic and Global Leadership at City College, where she was brought on to help build the School and establish some of its most enduring programs, including projects related to human rights awareness, social justice leadership development and a diversity and inclusion pipeline project with the Appalachian Mountain Club.

In a letter to the members of the merging foundations, Boudreau described Mozeleski as “a gifted manager, a masterful supervisor, a motivator, and an exceptional development strategist,” citing the promotion as an “affirmation of the college’s confidence in her accomplishments, leadership and vision.”

Mozeleski is also Senior Advisor to Boudreau and leads the college’s Office of Institutional Advancement and Communications. She has a twenty-five year career in nonprofit fundraising, board management and NGO start-up branding, having worked with some of the largest non-profit organizations in New York City and around the world, including the Weizmann Institute of Science, Tel Aviv University and The Cathedral of Saint John the Divine prior to coming to City College. Throughout her career, she has worked to raise millions of dollars for higher education and cultural engagement.

“City College has a unique place in the history of our nation,” Mozeleski said. “As the first public institution of higher learning in the United States, we see our mission as one of changing destinies. Not just for our students, but for our entire campus community. The world-class research conducted on this campus continues to impact a variety of areas, including science, engineering, political discourse, social justice and educational reform. I am honored to serve City College at this moment in its history – when our mission is needed in ways even our founders may only have imagined.”

At the Colin Powell School, Mozeleski directed philanthropic, financial restructuring and program building teams, as well as establishing the public profile for the school. She worked on primary school building projects in Ethiopia and Tanzania as part of two NGO start-up campaigns and served as a member of the board and development committee chair for the Seeds of Africa Foundation located in Adama, Ethiopia.

A graduate of San Diego State University, Mozeleski also serves as a member of the Board of Advisors and Vice Chair of the Appalachian Mountain Club’s New York-Northern New Jersey Chapter and is past board member of Women in Development, New York.

About The City College of New York

Since 1847, The City College of New York has provided a high quality and affordable education to generations of New Yorkers in a wide variety of disciplines. CCNY embraces its role at the forefront of social change. It is ranked #1 by the Harvard-based Opportunity Insights out of 369 selective public colleges in the United States on the overall mobility indexThis measure reflects both access and outcomes, representing the likelihood that a student at CCNY can move up two or more income quintiles. In addition, the Center for World University Rankings places CCNY in the top 1.2% of universities worldwide in terms of academic excellence. More than 16,000 students pursue undergraduate and graduate degrees in eight professional schools and divisions, driven by significant funded research, creativity and scholarship. CCNY is as diverse, dynamic and visionary as New York City itself.  View CCNY Media Kit.



Contact Susan Konig


212 650 8437

View CCNY Media Kit.

Statement from Interim Chancellor Vita C. Rabinowitz Regarding the Jose Peralta DREAM Act

Supporting immigrant students has always defined CUNY, an institution built to provide a top-quality education and bridge to the middle class for those who would otherwise be denied.

“There is applause from every quarter of CUNY today for Governor Cuomo’s unwavering commitment to enacting the New York DREAM Act. The extension of tuition assistance to undocumented immigrants will benefit thousands of students who were brought here, through no choice of their own, by parents determined to give them a better life.  Helping young people afford and attend college is an investment that will pay for itself many times over in the future.  Not only does the average college graduate earn more and pay more in taxes, but by overcoming the long odds to put themselves in the position to go to college, DREAMers also have proven that their grit, resilience and determination are second to none.

“We also applaud the Governor for his decision to name this groundbreaking measure for the late Senator Jose Peralta, a Queens College graduate who was one of Albany’s earliest and most eloquent champions of New York’s Dream Act.”



City Tech Professor Viviana Acquaviva Named One of Italy’s Fifty Most Inspiring Women in Tech

Dr. Viviana Acquaviva, an associate professor of Physics at City Tech, has been named one of Italy’s fifty most inspiring women in tech by InspiringFifty, an initiative to recognize and celebrate women in STEM who serve as role models to girls around the world.

According to its founders, “InspiringFifty aims to increase diversity in tech by making female role models in tech more visible. These trailblazers, innovators and boss women play a major role in challenging the industry’s norms of what makes a leader. The InspiringFifty are important role models for encouraging more girls and women in technology, as well as inspiring future leaders and entrepreneurs to follow in their footsteps. Supporters of InspiringFifty, both men and women, champion women and minorities in tech and value the positive impact that increased diversity has on everything from business growth and innovation to culture and productivity.”

Dr. Acquaviva is dedicated to supporting women and other underrepresented minorities pursuing careers in STEM fields. She has mentored over 20 undergraduate and graduate students, and organizes a program that teaches mathematics to inmates in several correctional facilities in New Jersey.

In addition to being an associate professor in the Physics Department at City Tech and the CUNY Graduate Center, Dr. Acquaviva is also an associate member of the Center for Computational Astrophysics at the Flatiron Institute, a visiting research scientist at the American Museum of Natural History and a Harlow Shapley Visiting Lecturer for the American Astronomical Society.

At City Tech, she developed and taught the first “Machine Learning for Physics and Astronomy” course at CUNY. She is also the co-founder of Enermodel, a NYC-based startup that employs machine learning algorithms to optimize energy usage and storage for commercial buildings.

CUNY School of Professional Studies Climbs in U.S. News Rankings of Best Online Bachelor’s Degrees

Fast-growing school draws plaudits for strong support of adult learners

CUNY’s School of Professional Studies has been ranked 15th in the nation by U.S. News & World Report for the quality of its online bachelor’s degree programs. The list, published today, placed CUNY SPS in the top 5 percent of all ranked institutions for a second straight year and one spot higher than its position last year.

“The CUNY School of Professional Studies deserves this recognition because its online programs are academically rigorous and highly supportive of its learners’ needs,” says Interim Chancellor Vita C. Rabinowitz. “SPS is pioneering in its innovative online ways to serve underrepresented students, including many adult learners, who would otherwise find it far more difficult to complete a bachelor’s degree, the key prerequisite to elevated economic status.”

Designed to meet the educational needs of working students and adult learners, CUNY SPS began offering CUNY’s first fully online bachelor’s degree program in 2006. It has since evolved to serve a rapidly growing student population that is unique among CUNY schools: largely working adults who are turning to online courses to complete a degree they started elsewhere years earlier. CUNY SPS is also committed to providing its students with Credit for Prior Learning opportunities, which enable students to earn credit for their previous education, work experience and learning outside the classroom.

“We built our online degree programs to expand access to working adults who want to finish their degree and advance professionally,” says John Mogulescu, dean of CUNY SPS and senior University dean for academic affairs. “Being ranked in the top 5 percent of the country’s online bachelor’s degree programs for a second straight year further validates the dedication of the CUNY SPS faculty and staff to make good on that mission.”

All CUNY SPS undergraduate degree students must have already earned at least 24 credits at a previous accredited institution. More than 70 percent of these students are women, and more than 70 percent are at least 30 years old. Nearly eight in 10 students attend part-time due to family, work and financial constraints, and 97 percent are enrolled in an online program.

One such student is Karline Barthe, who graduated from CUNY SPS in December with a B.S. in nursing and says the experience was “the best thing I ever could have done.” Barthe, a 46-year-old single mother of two teenagers, became a Licensed Practical Nurse and entered the field in 1996; she earned an associate degree to become an RN in 2009.

Barthe was accepted into a traditional bachelor’s degree program in 2016, but worried that she wouldn’t have enough time to fit in-person classes into her busy schedule. That’s when she learned about the online bachelor of science in nursing program at CUNY SPS, and quickly applied; with the exception of a memorable 10-day study-abroad clinical experience in Haiti, and a 90-hour project at the Rogosin Institute Manhattan Dialysis Center, Barthe took all of her courses online.

“The most important thing that CUNY SPS gave me was support; there is always somebody available to speak to you,” says Barthe, who fulfilled her degree requirements in two years, while maintaining the full-time nursing job she’s had since 2011 at Coney Island Hospital in Brooklyn. “There is a lot of work, difficult deadlines and pressure. You’re home, you’re cooking and the kids are screaming, and you have to manage your time and finish your work. But there is always a support system at CUNY SPS. They make you feel like you matter, and you see that you can learn. And once you’re able to deliver, everything flows.”

The degree she earned has already paid dividends: In December, just after she wrapped up her courses, Barthe was promoted to head nurse of the stroke and chemotherapy units at Coney Island Hospital. “Getting my BSN helped my professional progress,” says Barthe. “CUNY SPS opened my eyes to leadership and management, which you don’t get as an RN at the associate degree level.”

CUNY SPS currently offers 22 degree programs including 11 bachelor’s degree and 11 master’s degree programs; 19 are offered completely online. CUNY SPS offers an online bachelor’s degree in disability studies, and a combined online and on-campus master’s degree in disability studies that is the first of its kind in the country. Other recently added online programs include a master’s degree in research administration and compliance, and a bachelor’s degree in liberal studies. The school’s total enrollment, currently more than 3,300, has risen by more than 30 percent in the last four years, and it serves thousands more who are enrolled in non-degree and grant-funded workforce development programs.

The 2019 U.S. News rankings assessed more than 360 institutions on factors that include student engagement; faculty credentials and training; student services and technology; and reputation among its peers.

The City University of New York is the nation’s leading urban public university. Founded in 1847, CUNY counts 13 Nobel Prize and 24 MacArthur (“Genius”) grant winners among its alumni. CUNY students, alumni and faculty have garnered scores of other prestigious honors over the years in recognition of historic contributions to the advancement of the sciences, business, the arts and myriad other fields. The University comprises 25 institutions: 11 senior colleges, seven community colleges, William E. Macaulay Honors College at CUNY, CUNY Graduate Center, Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY, CUNY School of Labor and Urban Studies, CUNY School of Law, CUNY School of Professional Studies and CUNY Graduate School of Public Health and Health Policy. The University serves more than 275,000 degree-seeking students. CUNY offers online baccalaureate and master’s degrees through the School of Professional Studies








Chili, Cespedes share history with Lowrie

Infielder Jed Lowrie, who signed a two-year, $20 million deal with the Mets on Wednesday, is no stranger to some in his new organization. He will be reunited with hitting coach Chili Davis and outfielder Yoenis Cespedes, who were with Lowrie on the Athletics in 2013 and '14.

First Spring Training workout dates for all clubs

Major League Baseball has revealed the first Spring Training workout dates for pitchers and catchers and those for the full squads for all 30 clubs. MLB also announced game times for all Cactus and Grapefruit League action in February and March.

Lowrie introduced after signing with Mets

The Mets announced on Wednesday the signing All-Star infielder Jed Lowrie to a two-year contract. The $20 million deal had first been reported on Thursday.

New 'Spider-Man' trailer reveals love for Piazza

Spins a web any size, catches baseballs just like flies.

Mets hitting coach Davis talks mentality in Q&A

In a recent phone interview, new Mets hitting coach Chili Davis answered a wide range of questions, from his relationship with Yoenis Cespedes to his hitting philosophy.


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My New Dream Girl

Well it has been a while since I posted. I guess after finding out my dream girl was having a baby by another guy I just wasn’t in the mood to post. But I’m back folks! So I have a new dream girl. It is a bit of a long story so sit back,pour a cup of coffee and relax. So I have been stalking the Facebook page of the bar I use to work at-ya know how a single guys does when he has no life. I saw some pictures of a beautiful girl that bartends there. Blond hair,beautiful smile…just perfect. Of course I figured I would never have a chance with her-specially since she is about 20 years younger. But a guy can dream right? So a couple days ago I was looking around seekingarrangements to see if anyone new had signed up and who do I see? Yep that girl! We will call her…Tanya…So I figured hey send her a message who knows what might happen. She sent me a message back and we sent a few more messages back and forth. I gave her my number and SURPRISE she sends me a text! So we have been talking for a couple days now. She even says she likes older guys and not the young military guys that come into the bar where she works. We are planning on meeting this week. So we will see what happens…I have my fingers crossed and won’t be surprised if she disappears before we actually meet….but I might just actually have found my future wife-or she may just “ghost” on me like so many flakey girls do. Stay tuned..maybe the Single Guy won’t be single much longer!

My Dream Girl’s Baby Daddy Revealed

Well after a month of stalking my dream girl’s facebook page I finally found out who her baby daddy is. To get you up to speed I was shocked a while back to find out my dream girl was pregnant. I had never even seen her post anything about a man in her life. Well after a long wait she finally tagged her baby daddy to a post about the baby. I of course had to click on his name and check him out. And of course he is a low ranking military guy. Now don’t get me wrong I respect our military. But in this area most of the military guys are not the most upstanding people. And this guy is no different. So prediction-in a year or two my dream girl will be a single mother,left by her baby daddy when he got transfered or cheated on her with some other flavor of the week. But hey that is the life of a single guy-watching the hot girls fall for the cool guys that don’t deserve them and will treat them like crap.

My Dream Girl Is Pregnant

I was stalking around Facebook the other night checking out different posts by people like I do when I am bored. I checked out the Facebook page of a girl I have always had a huge crush on. This girl is beautiful. My total dream girl. What did I see? A post saying she was pregnant. That’s right my dream girl is pregnant. Now don’t get me wrong I always knew and know I would never have a chance with this girl. But what surprised me is that she never talks about a man in her life. She never posts pictures of her and a guy. And in fact I always thought maybe she was a lesbian because she always posted pictures of her and her hot model girlfriends. So now I am wondering who is the father? Is she dating someone and just not posting it? Even in the comments on her posts about being pregnant everyone just congratulates her. They never mention a boyfriend. Did she get pregnant by having a drunken one night stand? Did she intentionally get pregnant even though she says it was a surprise finding out she was pregnant? I mean no offense but there is so much birth control around if a girl gets pregnant she is either really stupid or wanted to get pregnant. And I have never considered this girl to be stupid. And who is the guy and what is he like? Is he some military guy from Fort Drum? Is he a professional? Is he unemployed? And does he ever know or care he is going to have a baby with this goddess? So many unanswered questions! One thing for sure,I will be checking out her page a lot to see if I can get an idea of exactly who this lucky guy is. This guy that knocked up my dream girl!

2017-And Still Single

Well we are almost a month into 2017-and I am still single. I wonder if Miss Right will find me this year. She seemed like she was in hiding during 2016. I mean I realize a lot of things happened in 2016 and she was probable busy. My Miss Right was probable busy helping Trump get elected President. Miss Right most likely was working with Obama to fight this Isis problem. Miss Right was obviously tied up helping my Cowboys win the NFC East. Oh and I am totally sure my Miss Right was completely taken up with helping to stop this whole Global Warming situation. But come on enough is enough….come on Miss Right…put all this dam community service aside and find me already!

Scam Girls

I never thought I would fall for it-but I did. You see there is a large group of girls on the internet that try to scam guys. They try to get them to send them money with the promises they want to meet but need some help to get by. I always have thought I was smart about all this. When I start talking to a girl off one of the dating websites I always try to look her up to make sure she is real. Well I started texting a girl yesterday off the Seekingarrangement website I have been on for about a year. We were texting back and forth. I searched her number on facebook and found her profile. Everything seemed legit. She said she wanted a long term arrangement with an older guy. We talked until about 5pm. Then she said she was trying to get money for her baby sitter and gas in the car and if I would send her some money. She even said she was sorry she was asking and would pay me back when she got paid next week. So I sent her $50 through Paypal. She said thank you so much. I said your welcome. And that was it. I texted her a few times after that and no response. I sent her a friend request on facebook and she blocked me. I had fallen for it. A scam girl had gotten me! The funny part about the whole thing is she could have gotten way more from me if she had kept talking to me and kept me going. I mean seriously $50 is not much,hell I spent more then that on lunch yesterday. But it’s just the point I got had. But you live and learn. But one thing is for sure-if your on seekingarrangement.com and start talking to a girl with lots of tatoos from Elmira Ny that calls herself Hannah,don’t send her money! You can thank me later for saving you money!

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Let’s be honest, even if you do get dressed up for thanksgiving, there’s a good chance you’re going to be changing into something a little bit, shall we say, roomier? Especially as the food coma sets in and all of the Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sales start going live.

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The holiday season is here, which has always been my favorite time of year! Time spent with family and friends, exchanging gifts, cooking food together, baking the day away and sharing in traditions that we do every year. I’ve spent a few Thanksgivings away from my family, and this year they’ll be on the east coast while we stay on the west coast, so it’ll be our first Thanksgiving in a new place, a long way away from what’s been our home for a long time.

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Health and Fitness Q+A

Health and Fitness Q+A

I’ve had a few questions about what I eat, what my workout routine is, and other things related to health, fitness and wellness, so I thought it was about time to do a Q&A roundup to answer some questions!

Topic: Ayurveda

“You said that you practice Ayurveda.

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I’ve been seeing so many different leopard print pieces lately, and I wanted to share my top picks that I’ve seen! It’s hit or miss with me when it comes to leopard. Sometimes I think it can look a little bit cheap and tacky if not done right, but other pieces are put together so well, between choosing the right colors, fabric, and design.

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As promised, here is part two of answering your beauty questions! If you have any more questions, feel free to ask in the comments section below, send me an email, or send me a direct message on Instagram!

What natural shampoo do you recommend? To be honest, I have yet to try a natural shampoo that actually works for me without making my hair feel like straw, but I have friends who use different brands, and they’ve recommended Calia Natural and Rahua which I haven’t tried yet but they say are amazing.

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From red and navy plaid, to emerald green velvet, black leather and hot pink corduroy, the options of pants to choose from are endless this season. As much as I love a great pair of jeans, I’ve been leaning more towards styling outfits with pants this fall. Sometimes it’s nice to take a breather from high-waisted […]

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Beauty Q&A: Part 1

  Last week I did an Instagram Story asking what your beauty questions were so that I could work on answering them through a Q&A on the blog, so this is Part 1 of answering your questions! Part 2 will be coming out next week on the blog, so stay tuned. Without further ado…  Beauty […]

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My Top 5 Favorite Free People Cardigans for Fall

It’s that time of year here where everyone, even here in California, are cozying up and looking for the best sweaters of the season. I’ve been loving wearing cardigans since they’re so easy to put on and take off depending […]

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Day Trip to Big Bear Lake, California

Outfit Details: Anthropologie Sweater, Anthropologie Scarf, Ralph Lauren Jeans, Nordstrom Booties (similar to ones I’m wearing) As much as I’ve been absolutely loving the sunshine and beautiful weather in California, I’m an east coast girl and always loved the seasons growing […]

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How To Dress for Fall in California

  Happy Thursday! I think I finally put together the perfect “Fall in California” look that’s been working for me trying to figure out how to dress here. It’s usually chilly in the morning, warm in the afternoon, and chilly […]

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Ayden Activation Group-A Guerilla In Marketing

This month we give our thumbs up to a business you might never have heard of but probable have seen their promotions. This month we salute Ayden Activation Group.
Ayden Activation Group is based in St. Louis. Started 12 years ago,Ayden Activation Group is a leader in nontraditional marketing. With their staff and resources Ayden is able to create a marketing plan for most any company promotion.
Ayden hires both w-2 and 1099 staff. With over 60,000 staff members wordwide Ayden Activation Group is creating jobs in the United States economy and beyond.
Some past Ayden campaigns were for Applebees,Sprint,GE,MetroPCS and Mr. Clean.
Contact Ayden Activation Group for your next ad campagin or for your next job in the marketing field. Ayden Activation Group can be contacted through their website:


War Is Coming

People don’t want to admit it but war is coming between the U.S. and North Korea. North Korea is getting close to having a long range Nuclear missile that can hit the U.S. Americans don’t have the stomach for war but they need to get it and fast. If North Korea is allowed to get a missile that can strike our home land the party is over. The war is not going to be pretty. Lots of people in South Korea will die and so will American soldiers. But war is the only way to stop the mad man in the North. The left wing Liberals,liberal media and lots of gutless Americans think that we can talk to the leader of North Korea to get him to stop his Nuclear and missle programs. But that just won’t work. The more we talk the more he keeps building. He now has a million man army. Now to be honest-again something the Liberal media will not tell you-a lot of those million soldiers in the North are just teenagers. When the real fighting starts a lot of that million is going to run home to mommie. Right now the boys think they are cool in a uniform fighting for their country,but when the bullets and bombs fly the coolness will end and they will drop their arms and run. But there will still be soldiers that fight. The war will start shortly with an air campaign. Once our bombings of the North start then North Korea will start bombing South Korea. Then China will get in as well as Japan. If we are lucky the Russians might sit this one out. They have no real interest in that area of the world and they know they have their hands full in Syria. The war will be short but bloody. And President Trump will carry the blame,when he is actually doing what Presidents before him should have done. They should have stopped North Korea long ago before they were strong enough to give us a battle. But yes America war is coming-so get ready for it!

Why Obama Care Didn’t Work

President Trump is now in the process of repealing and replacing Obama Care. Everyone knows Obama Care didn’t work,even if they do not want to admit it. What a lot of people don’t know is why it didn’t work. It is very simple-Obama Care didn’t work because to many people were forced to buy insurance. The insurance industry is a business,and as a business they need to make a profit. Insurance companies rely on more people having insurance then actually use it. But when Obama Care mandated that everyone had to buy insurance people instantly wanted to use the insurance they purchased. Before,when people didn’t have insurance if they got a cold they stayed in bed,had chicken soup and recovered in a few days. Now with people being forced to buy insurance you can bet as soon as they even got the sniffles they went to the doctor. Before Obama Care people bought insurance for emergencies. The people who had insurance knew that some day they would need it for a major illness,but did not use it for the slightest ailment. The new health care plan that has been introduced does not have a mandate. If they keep that then this new health care law should do fine.

Hollywood Is Out Of Touch

After watching and listing to some of the actors and actresses in the past week talk about President Trump I now know that Hollywood is out of touch with main stream America. Hollywood just can not deal with the fact that their views do not reflect American values. What is worst is Hollywood can not deal with losing the election. Clinton did in deed win the popular vote. But what people don’t want to admit is Clinton won that popular vote by winning NYC and the LA/Hollywood areas. A lot of people live in these areas but their values are not the values of main stream America. Clinton did not win the working voters in Michigan or the farmers in the Midwest. She did not win the Southern voters in the bible belt. Clinton did not win the retired population in Florida. The protesters this past week are showing this generations true colors. A generation that has always gotten a trophy even if they finished last. A generation that has always gotten their own way-from Gay rights to Womens equal rights. A generation that has been able to work less because the government will give them a hand out to make ends meet. Well Hollywood and NYC better buckle their seat belts because the next four years and beyond are going to be a very bumpy ride. President Trump is in the White House and main stream America has taken back their country!

President Trump In 7 More Days

Well its been a long road but in just 7 more days we will have a new President. The last year and a half has been up and down. For a while I actually had my doubts if Trump could do it. But he did! And it is pretty obvious Clinton supporters thought for a long time that she would be the next President. Hotels in the Washinton DC area reported a huge number of cancellations because Clinton supporters had already made reservations planning to come to see their candidate take the Oath of Office. Now most hotels are booked back up again with Trump supporters. To get a room in the Washington DC area next week it will cost over $1,000 a night. Who knows what the next four years will be like. Maybe Trump will be a great President and maybe he won’t. I am certain of one thing however,the liberal media is going crazy trying to figure out what happened. They still will not admit that they were out of touch with main stream America. The liberal media thought what they believed was what America believed. Trump hit a nerve with Americans. When I say Americans I am not talking about people in NYC or LA. Those people do not reflect true Americans. True Americans think the government has gotten out of control,that there is to much interference in our lives and special interest groups like the Gaye and Lesbian groups have gotten way to much attention over the past 8 years. America took their country back and next week their leader will take control of a country wanting and needing a change. God Bless President Trump and God Bless the USA!